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Richie Hawtin

Plastikman logo

   This guy right here is no "new stuff" around the people who enjoy electronic music. In fact, remember the Belleville Three that I wrote about some time ago? Well, believe it or not, this guy belongs to the pretty much the same era, the second wave of Detroit techno's artists. 
   One of of the most known minimal techno artists, he delivers abstract and minimal sound, under the pseudonym "Plastikman". 

   Having a father who was interested in electronic music, Richie Hawtin was introduced to Krawtwerk at an early age, this probably had something to do with him falling in love with the Detroit techno scene, and becoming a DJ at the age of 17. 

Richie Hawtin in the "cage"
   Since then he has released so many tracks and appeared in so many events that it would be impossible to name them all. For instance, he has created two records labels (Plus 8 and M-nus) and now is working with many great artists like John Acquaviva, Matador, Geiser and many others. 

  During his career he has won numerous awards, many of which were awarded for his exceptional live performances, in which he gets in a sort of a cage, with tons of equipment inside. The deal is this, on the outside, the walls of the cage are monitors, playing intense visualizations which blend with the music, creating an amazing effect! 
  All in all, he has made a huge impact on the electronic music scene and I urge you to listen to the unique sound that he makes...

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