The Synthetic Dream Foundation

They Who Breathe Darkness 

  A band formed by Brett Branning, TSDF is a Gothic/industrial oriented project, creating loads of personal work and many remixes for various bands including Suicide Commando, Grendel and In Strict Confidence.
  While the sound is quite different(headlining 2008 Goth Con, you know what to expect), the example I would like to show you is an amazing merge of audio and video, creating something different, something which could go further than the traditional definition of "music video".  And that is why I like it, its brave, its new and its trippy. And that's how it should be.

Thursday, July 4, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius


Richie Hawtin

Plastikman logo

   This guy right here is no "new stuff" around the people who enjoy electronic music. In fact, remember the Belleville Three that I wrote about some time ago? Well, believe it or not, this guy belongs to the pretty much the same era, the second wave of Detroit techno's artists. 
   One of of the most known minimal techno artists, he delivers abstract and minimal sound, under the pseudonym "Plastikman". 

   Having a father who was interested in electronic music, Richie Hawtin was introduced to Krawtwerk at an early age, this probably had something to do with him falling in love with the Detroit techno scene, and becoming a DJ at the age of 17. 

Richie Hawtin in the "cage"
   Since then he has released so many tracks and appeared in so many events that it would be impossible to name them all. For instance, he has created two records labels (Plus 8 and M-nus) and now is working with many great artists like John Acquaviva, Matador, Geiser and many others. 

  During his career he has won numerous awards, many of which were awarded for his exceptional live performances, in which he gets in a sort of a cage, with tons of equipment inside. The deal is this, on the outside, the walls of the cage are monitors, playing intense visualizations which blend with the music, creating an amazing effect! 
  All in all, he has made a huge impact on the electronic music scene and I urge you to listen to the unique sound that he makes...

Saturday, May 25, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius

Detroit techno

The Belleville Three

   I have an interesting find, a whole movie on YouTube, which explains the way Detroit techno came to be.
Belleville Three
This should be interesting for any electronic music fan out there, because this already is music history.
   Also, I’ll provide a short description of the birth of techno for anyone who isn't interested in the movie itself.
   So basically, it all started around 1980s in Detroit. The thing that made it different from the electronic music of the day (house mostly) was the focus to repetitive sounds of factories, the technic sounds that it produced. At the time it seemed really futuristic.
   The people that are held the most responsible for the creation of this music were three school friends, also called “The Belleville Three” (consisting of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May).
   One of the first records to make it worldwide was Derrick’s “Strings of life” and it can really give you a good feel what was techno back then.

   It has been said that the sound of Detroit techno was mostly influenced by bands like Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Bootsy, Parliament, Prince and The B-52’s.
   A funny quote from Derrick May, in which he described Detroit techno as a “complete mistake, like George Clinton and Kraftwerk caught in an elevator, with only a sequencer to keep them company”.
For anyone interested in more detail, I highly recommend the movie!

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius

Jeff Mills

The Wizard

   Jeff Mills, or "The Wizard" is one of the most known Techno artists of today. His skills at the decks are mind blowing and his minimal techno sound is completely unique. 
   His journey began in the early 1980s, in Detroit, as a radio show "The Electrifying Mojo" DJ with the pseudonym "The Wizard". Later on, he and "Mad" Mike Banks founded the "Underground Resistance" label, which was famous not only for its music, but for the original idea to appear in public wearing sky masks and combat suits. Jeff Mills is also the founder/one of the "Purpose maker", "Tomorrow" and "6277".

UR in combat suits

  He also released a DVD "Exhibitionist" which features him mixing on three decks (his perfect mixing technique can be seen here on Youtube). 
  Mills is releasing records and tearing up clubs even today, at the age of 48.
  His sound is unique, with themes like space being the most common. The only thing that probably all of this records have in common is the rather small amount of sounds used in them, it's mostly very minimal.
  PS. He is also one of the rare "non-mainstream" artists that actually made it on MTV(video at the top), gotta give him a thumbs up for that.

Jeff Mills

Monday, May 6, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius

Amon Tobin

 With the current technological progress, it is great to see some musicians making use of it.
Now, Amon Tobin is a virtuoso of music, with seven major studio albums and numerous motion picture soundtracks, such as The Italian Job and 21.
  The reason why I bring him up here this time is because of his astonishing use of video mapping techniques that are projected onto a large cubic structure from which Tobin performs. As he told to Wired Magazine "The idea was to integrate myself, quite literally, into an audio and visual presentation of the album,".
  This technology creates a surreal illusion and a new way of presenting audio and video. Personally  I am very excited to see more of this type of performances and I can't wait to see it live. But for now, a fresh HD video for anyone interested.

Friday, May 3, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius

Roland 303 Update : Documentary

A quick update to my last post about Roland 303 here. This is a short twenty minute documentary about the synthesizer in discussion.

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius


Mat Jarvis

  Some amazing space travel right there eh? This is why I love electronic music so much. You can create any damn sound you want. No limits. 
  This amazing artist has only released one album and several other records. All of his tunes share this deep ambient vibe. Definitely something to chill with. 
  And the video was created to show the relative sizes of the universe. The interesting thing is, not only we are infinitely small, but we are also  infinitely large... 

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Posted by Nerijus Antanavicius


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